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Successful businesses believe in the power of delegating and are committed in making this partnership work.




Business owners need to refill their cup. No more ‘work vacations.’ With me as your virtual assistant, you can enjoy a real vacation!




Avoid burnout and overwhelm. Just delegate routine tasks in your business to me and DO MORE of what you love.




Receive personalized service for your business. With Diana as your right hand, you can reclaim time and boost your productivity the way you want to. Just a quick orientation will do.




Your business grows and expands as we forge a long term partnership together.



Hire Diana for character, work ethic and heart. Her skill set and years of experience are just cherries on top!

Being a business owner means wearing many hats, so it was so nice when Diana’s services were referred to me! She took on the parts of my business that were taking away from the areas I truly wanted to focus on, and in doing so lifted a weight off my shoulders. I appreciated her promptness, openness to direction and her willingness to share ideas and suggestions. Thank you so much for your time and effort Diana!

Absolute Awareness

Diana is very talented and creative. She is eager to help, attentive to details and she has a great attitude.  


You are a diamond! The work so far that I have seen has been exactly what I asked for and done quite efficiently.

Lucy Unlimited

Dr. Monique C. Johnson
Diana is first and foremost very personable and easy to communicate with.  That's a deal breaker for me. She is very professional and was able capture who I am in her design content for my social media.  I recommend Diana without hesitation. 
Dr. Monique C. Johnson

Principal Consultant and Coach

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vaforlifeHi! Welcome to my website. I’m glad that you are here.

Are you ready to reclaim your time? Are you ready to grow your business? Are you planning to launch a new business?

Help is here!  It’s time to #delegateMore. From admin assistance, social media to website building, I can do that with you.  I do a little bit of everything but above all I am creative, passionate and possess a willing heart.

Over the years, I have grown to posses:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to follow systems and improve current systems
  • Respect intellectual property and confidentiality
  • Honesty, punctuality and reliability
  • Fantastic verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment and high motivation to take action
  • Hunger to seek more knowledge than I currently possess
  • and I prefer working long term with my employer.

I’m available from Monday to Friday. We can connect through video conferencing, phone calls, Skype, social media messaging, or email.

I accept my pay through any of these global remittance services: Xoom, Western Union, Moneygram, Orbit Remit or bank to bank transfer.

I can’t wait to discuss how I may serve.  Send me a message below.

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