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  • 23 Dec 2020

  • 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

  • $20


Due to poverty and the lack of opportunity, not all kids in my country go to school. In the summer, VA for Life decided to sponsor one teen to help her continue her secondary education. Her name is Charemae. She is only 16 and is now a third year high school student.

Charemae is holding her new pairs of shoes for school with a note that says, “Thank you, Sandra!” She received a donation of $50 from Sandra, who is one of our clients.

Why Education?
20130623_204229-300x225VA for Life has been finding ways to help the community. As it grew into a stable virtual assistant outfit, it does not fail to remember the poor but deserving school youth who want to pursue their education but is not capable to continue spending for it. We provide financial aid to students plus monitoring for them to succeed.

At present, there are about 646,449 out-school-youth in the country. (Source:

Education is priceless. It cannot be stolen away. It is the pride of the poor in our country… and VA for Life choose to help.

Charemae is the pioneer student to benefit VA for Life’s aid. She is happy to be chosen as beneficiary to our education support program as she aims to graduate and succeed in life. VA for Life provides everything she needs in school daily for the whole school year.

The Perks
20130623_204350-225x300VA for Life is working hard to continue to support Charemae’s education until she graduates from Secondary school. We are also planning to have her pursue her college years with VA for Life’s help. As long as Charemae will continue to have good grades and take the moral support we give her, she will be fine.

Help spread the word about us today.

If you want to help us in our cause, your kindness is most appreciated. VA for Life will work with any company, organization, or individual to create a Scholarship Program that meets their mission and values. If you are interested in sponsoring our mission, please email me at

Because at VA for Life, we do not only help busy professionals in the Americas live their dream by hiring a superior VA. We also help the poor but deserving people in our country live their dream.